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Press Release - March 19, 2007


March 19, 2007

78 Schools Sign on to National Day of Student Resistance to the War in Iraq

On the eve of March 20th - a national day of student actions against the war in Iraq - 78 schools are signed on to the call. Schools all across the nation are having walk-outs and rallies; teach-ins and speak-outs; wearing armbands and waving flags; and participating in other forms of resistance to the war. Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), a multi-issue radical student organization, was recently re-formed this past year by students recognizing the need for young people to become active in the national anti-war movement.

The call for the protest was originally created at an SDS meeting after the School of the Americas Watch demonstration last November at Ft. Benning, Georgia. There, over 100 organizers from 20 different schools from around the country gathered and unanimously voted to make March 20, the fourth anniversary of the Iraq War, a national day of student resistance to the war.

Kati Ketz of the University of North Carolina-Asheville SDS, one of the lead organizers for the March 20 day of action, said, "It's incredibly inspiring to see students taking up this call to action and organizing on a local level. Students are becoming united and organized across the country against the war, and we're really going to see a new student movement emerge out of these actions."

"Rutgers is going to have its largest walkout since the 70's. Hundreds of students will be walking out as well as several teachers. We have such a critical mass that we even got the student governing association to endorse it," said Ian Chinich of Rutgers Against the War.

"There has been a very positive response from all of the high schools I have contacted. It seems like once one high school signed on, all of the others joined in much more readily. They saw that other kids were taking advantage of this amazing chance to create peace, and decided they should too!" said Moriah Arnold, from Green Hope High School SDS in Cary, North Carolina.

As the U.S. enters its fifth year in Iraq, the Bush administration is further escalating U.S. military presence in the midst of vast unpopularity. What started as 27 schools on the west coast striking and demonstrating on February 15th is now growing into a national student movement against the war. Tomorrow on March 20, tens of thousands of students and young people in 78 schools across the U.S. will take part in a nationwide coordinated protest.

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Kati Ketz, UNC-Asheville SDS - 614-439-3978
Ian Chinich, Rutgers Against the War - 908-872-4779
Moriah Arnold, Green Hope High SDS - 443-538-6255

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